Friday, February 2, 2007

Getting the angle wrong

This has been a funny week. I am not much of a driver, having never owned my own car (I guess this counts as one weird thing about me). I can do it, but have to concentrate hard when driving our manual 4wd. Parking is the worst. Since having Thomas I have been out and about more often, and had thought I was improving.

This week I met some friends for coffee and managed to negotiate the twists and turns of the car park. I was quite proud of myself until I turned into our garage and ran over the jogger pram. Oops. The car had to sit half sticking out of the garage till Warren came home to unwedge it.

Miraculously, the car seems to be ok. Not so sure about the pram.

On a less embarrassing note, I am planning to make a small quilt or playmat for my friend's new bub. I wondered about including this black fabric, but I am not really one for baby pastels. I am thinking of very simple stripes, something that she can bung in the wash without worrying too much about a delicate design.


caroline said...

Hi, I am glad I have dropped by, your blog is so cool! especially as a new blog it looks amazing, and what a beautiful baby! Congratulations. How are you finding it all? My sons are 5 and 14, boys are amazing in so many ways, still a complete mystery to me even after all this time!
I love your crafts, the applique is amazing. well done you, and enjoy your maternity leave! seak soon. xxx

kayla_d said...

Looked through your blog, and it looks great. I also have a new blog, and I know how valuable comments are. All your birdies and applique work are beautiful.

Oh, and I found your blog through a comment on 6.5 stitches--I hope she can get that worked out.

I'll definitely be back!