Sunday, February 4, 2007

Something fishy

Thomas has been very active today, so we've only had time for a super quick project. Lucy decided to help cutting out the fabric- she's lucky she still has all her whiskers.

The result - a quick jumpsuit for Thomas with fish and waves.

Detail of the applique, just two squares with edges turned under and stitched on (with rather wavy stitching).

Speaking of little fish, we took Thomas to the pool for the first time this weekend. A friend organised a family picnic with cake and watermelon, lots of babies and splashing - it was lovely. Thomas took to the water remarkably well, considering he's only been in a warm bath before. Here is the family photo. I can't believe I'm posting this, but it is such a happy shot. Motherhood is so glamorous.


Susan said...

oh thank you for visiting and leaving a comment!
unfortunately me and blogger dont get along and i can never leave comments. its actually scary what the comments page does when i try to!
i went and checked out your blog, and lets see if i remember everything... my goodness your little one does have lashes of gold, doesnt he? those are beautiful. when i first saw the pic before reading the post i thought, what lovely mascara, i must get me some!!! haha
your patchworks look lovely, i also am having a time getting my corners perfect, but i think that is something that comes with practice???
your appliques are so sweet, i know the mummies will love them!
and lastly, oh my, running over the pram is not good!! hehe. did you forget to take it with you?...and i had to lol at the car capsule that what they are really called? i love that term!!
if there is some way you could do it, you could publish my comment...but otherwise i am left in lala land...oh yea adorable baby!
thanks so much susan

pendlerpiken said...

Oh, what a pretty cat! Such lovely blue eyes :)

Keep up the good work!