Monday, February 19, 2007

Putting the Pieces together

In the spirit of 'using what you have' I am trying to make another playmat, this time for a boy, using the fabric scraps I have here. Even though I love all these fabrics individually, it is a puzzle to try and get them to play nicely together. I think there are too many dark colours, perhaps I need to introduce some more neutral light colours? I am very inspired by Melissa's gorgeous quilt on her banner. I love the mix of colours and the lovely random patchwork.

I cut up some squares, but they don't really work, so I am thinking of triangles. I think this could be a work in progress for some time.

It has otherwise been a good week. Warren bought me some beautiful lillies for Valentines day and the house is filled with their fragrance.

Thomas has also amazed us by sleeping through the night, three nights in a row. Hooray! It is incredible how much better life seems after an unbroken sleep. In a week of firsts, he has also had a go in the jolly jumper (pictured here) and tried some rice cereal (he made a face with each spoonful, but continued to ask for more.)

Sadly for my crafting, the sleep at night seems to make him less sleepy through the day, so projects may be moving a bit slowly around here.


freelisa said...

I think your patchwork is coming along nicely, especially in triangles! I think it would work out even without the added neutrals. I personally love bright colors!

kayla_d said...

I spend SO much time trying to put the 'right' fabrics together! You've done a great job of it, though. Added you to my links list!

suzy said...

Those fabrics look gorgeous. I think it will be a fantastic quilt!

susan sobon said...

oh goodness, is blogger going to actually let me leave a comment?
i really like your selection of fabrics, and the layout was pretty. will you be able to put it back pre-kitty? your sewing is so much fun. i think i just might have to try to make a little playmat for my two nieces' babies.
thanks for the inspiration!