Monday, January 29, 2007

applique flowers and a golden moment

Continuing the applique theme, today I added some flowers to a onesie for a friend's beautiful newborn daughter. I would like to make her a little quilt or playmat as well, but that will take a bit longer (hopefully before her first birthday though) Two of my friends had babies last weekend, it's been a very busy time.

This is the detail of the applique. I was going to sew buttons in the centres, but decided to keep it simple.

This afternoon Thomas fell asleep on my lap after feeding, and I noticed his eyelashes glinting like spun gold in the afternoon light. Life with Thomas is full of these little moments of wonder.


meg said...

great appliques. and those lashes indeed look like gold - such a great picture!

Jo said...

It's such a lovely time, when they are tiny and fall asleep in your arms, all warm and yummy

Miss Minnie said...

great pic of the eyelashes. I don't think it is you btw. I read your comment on 6.5, wouldn't you love to know who it is? I think the point to learn from all of this is that if this happens to any of us, we should try contacting the person first. If they don't stop THEN we talk about them publicly. Such a sticky one. I love your applique. Oh, that reminds me of a conversation I had with a woman in my local Textile Traders who referred to her applique as "Appleak" I really had to think about it when she said it. Each to their own hey? great blog, keep at it. Welcome to the blogsphere!

Kate said...

Love your applique!