Tuesday, January 15, 2008

New Year - new internet connection - finally!

Happy New Year! After several weeks of frustrating phone calls we now have a working internet connection - hooray!

We had a lovely Christmas break, soaking up the time with family - I wish we lived closer.

This is Thomas playing a piano duet on Christmas day with his cousin Manny.

And here he is in the lake at Toukley, getting used to the water. He wasn't keen at first, but relaxed pretty quickly. We will have to start the swimming lessons soon.

Thomas also took his first solo steps while we were staying at my parents' place with my mum clapping him all the way. He is now toddling about the place pretty confidently although he still reverts to crawling when the going gets tough.

I'm not sure if this little video will work. I wish I could edit out my voice on it, I sound ridiculous and very loud - I didn't realise our little digital camera was recording sound as well!

Well, that's it from me for now. Here's to 2008!