Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kimono playmat

We are off to Sydney tomorrow to see our friends' new baby, so I rushed through a playmat during some brief times when Thomas was either asleep or content to play by himself which was not very long. He has been very sweet, with lots of smiles, but wanting a lot of attention - I've been singing every playschool song I can think of today - I'm glad no one else is here to hear it.

Anyway this was the first time I have actually tried quilting something and it was harder than I expected. It probably would have been better if I had done the binding properly rather than cheating and just sewing it up like a doona cover with the batting inside.

Here it is

I think I might need to buy a walking foot - this might make things a bit easier. I thought straight lines would be easy, but they show up flaws much more than an elaborate design. Still, I'm glad I started with this project before tackling the quilting on this one.

Overall, I was reasonably happy with the design - it reminds me of a kimono with an obi sash. The back is just the plain grey/blue flowered fabric, so it is reversible (probably a good thing in case they think all that black is a bit strange for a baby).

If I have time tonight, I'm hoping to add her name in embroidery.


Laurie said...

I love your choice of fabric. I think anyone would be thrilled to get this!

kayla_d said...

Cute playmat. I love that you're not afraid to use non-traditional fabrics to make baby things!