Monday, February 26, 2007

Another quilt layout

I was very thrilled to recieve such kind comments about my quilt layout. I still wasn't quite satisfied with the triangles though, so I continued to play around with the design (luckily I hadn't cut the squares yet). This is the latest incarnation, with the blue squares cut into rectangles framing the brighter ones. I must confess that I did visit the local quilt shop and have added a couple more navy and red fabrics to give it a bit more zing.

Seconds after this photo was taken our cat Lucy ran through the middle of the carefully laid out design, pouncing on the pieces and scattering half of them under the couch. She has a crazy fabric fetish, and thinks I put out this array of tantalizing scraps as an elaborate game for her. No amount of swearing has persuaded her otherwise.

I managed to get it back in order and I think I am now ready to sew, as soon as I can convince Thomas to have a little nap. He's not looking very tired right now though, as he sits in his bouncer next to me as I type this:

Hopefully I will have a bit more progress to report before next week.


kayla_d said...

That looks like A LOT of work! But I love the pattern/color combinations. I hope you can make lots of progress during naptime!

susan sobon said...

i too love melissa's quilt in her banner. what size quilt is it that you are making? are you going for full size, or are you taking baby steps? i am wanting to cover an old blanket with a quilt top but am having a hard time finding the fabrics i want to use!

Rachel said...

I had to comment on your little baby...I've been coming to your site for a while now [I know your site is young,...I found you when you had commmented somewhere else in blogland that you just started blogging and since I just started, I went to visit you. anyways...] Your son has grown so much! He's got the cutest face! It looks to me that he has something to say and type on your blog too. =)

Jo said...

wow, the quilt looks like it's going to be a big job..not least keeping it out of the cats way!

Anonymous said...

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