Saturday, June 16, 2007

A lazy Sunday afternoon

I'm sitting here with Thomas at the keyboard, helping me to type. The sun has finally emerged after a lot of rain, and we are enjoying watching some little visitors (Crimson Rosellas) play in the garden.

I wish I had more to show on the crafty side of things, but at the moment I am struggling with this cardigan - which has yet to be sewn up and a collar knitted on.

Unfortunately, although it's a bit hard to see here, the sleeves have turned out to be a slightly different shade to the body (even though the dye lot of the yarn was the same). It is taking on a disconcerting camoflage look, too. I am thinking that I might just leave the sleeves off and turn it into a vest, once I've done the collar.

In the meantime, I've just started a new cable jumper from Debbie Bliss' Simply Baby. I am enjoying this much more, and the yarn feels much nicer.

We had our first trip to the snow last weekend, and managed to find Thomas some second hand ski gear in a community sale. Here he is all dressed up.

There wasn't much snow, but he quite enjoyed the change of scene anyway. He was a bit fascinated with the goggles - I guess it must be strange the first time your whole world turns a different colour.

This weekend we have just been pottering around - yesterday we visited a new park in our area, where Thomas had his first solo swing.

The big news is that we have finally been given a childcare place for Thomas, after months and months on the waiting list. This will start in July, which should work out well for my return to work part time in August, giving us time to get him used to the idea. I have mixed feelings about going back (I work as a legal academic, currently on a project on local human rights legislation). In some ways it will be good to have a bit more structure to the week, but I worry about how Thomas will adapt to being at childcare all day. At least it is only for two days a week at this stage, and it is just down the road from my office, so I can visit him at lunchtime.

This does mean that I'd better stop procrastinating and finish the craft projects which are still lying about the place. That quilt is definitely top of the list!

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's in a name

I got tagged by the lovely Rachel to…

Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged.


Actually this is the first time I've looked up the official meaning of our son's name. Apparently it comes from the Greek for "Twin", which is not particularly apt, as he had the womb all to himself, and is definitely one of a kind. It is also the name of the Apostle "doubting Thomas" who was sceptical about the resurrection. Our Thomas is not especially doubting, except about nap times - he does give us that "you've got to be kidding" look every time we put him in the cot.

For us Thomas has more significance as a family name as it is my father's name (and our bub's middle name 'James' is Warren's dad's name, so we kept everyone happy)

While I was pregnant, the ritual was that I would think up possible names and Warren would look at me as if I was completely mad. The last straw was when I suggested "Jasper" which I thought was cute, but made Warren shudder with horror (apologies to any Jaspers out there, I still think it's a lovely name!)

We still hadn't settled on a name when all of a sudden we were in the hospital having our baby delivered six weeks early.

When Thomas was delivered by caesarian, the doctor held him up and Warren looked over the curtain to announce that it was a boy. Someone asked whether we had a name for him, and Warren apparently thought he had to make the decision then and there, so he chose Thomas. Luckily that was fine with me!

I will tag Kate and Susan, just in case they want to join in...