Monday, February 26, 2007

Another quilt layout

I was very thrilled to recieve such kind comments about my quilt layout. I still wasn't quite satisfied with the triangles though, so I continued to play around with the design (luckily I hadn't cut the squares yet). This is the latest incarnation, with the blue squares cut into rectangles framing the brighter ones. I must confess that I did visit the local quilt shop and have added a couple more navy and red fabrics to give it a bit more zing.

Seconds after this photo was taken our cat Lucy ran through the middle of the carefully laid out design, pouncing on the pieces and scattering half of them under the couch. She has a crazy fabric fetish, and thinks I put out this array of tantalizing scraps as an elaborate game for her. No amount of swearing has persuaded her otherwise.

I managed to get it back in order and I think I am now ready to sew, as soon as I can convince Thomas to have a little nap. He's not looking very tired right now though, as he sits in his bouncer next to me as I type this:

Hopefully I will have a bit more progress to report before next week.

Monday, February 19, 2007

Putting the Pieces together

In the spirit of 'using what you have' I am trying to make another playmat, this time for a boy, using the fabric scraps I have here. Even though I love all these fabrics individually, it is a puzzle to try and get them to play nicely together. I think there are too many dark colours, perhaps I need to introduce some more neutral light colours? I am very inspired by Melissa's gorgeous quilt on her banner. I love the mix of colours and the lovely random patchwork.

I cut up some squares, but they don't really work, so I am thinking of triangles. I think this could be a work in progress for some time.

It has otherwise been a good week. Warren bought me some beautiful lillies for Valentines day and the house is filled with their fragrance.

Thomas has also amazed us by sleeping through the night, three nights in a row. Hooray! It is incredible how much better life seems after an unbroken sleep. In a week of firsts, he has also had a go in the jolly jumper (pictured here) and tried some rice cereal (he made a face with each spoonful, but continued to ask for more.)

Sadly for my crafting, the sleep at night seems to make him less sleepy through the day, so projects may be moving a bit slowly around here.

Monday, February 12, 2007

Home again

We had a great weekend back in Sydney, celebrating my little brother's 21st and seeing this gorgeous new girl. Look at all that hair!

Here are the two proud dads. Hard to believe that Thomas used to be even smaller than this little one.

Thomas was wonderfully sociable all weekend, coping with loud music and lights at the pub, and smiling a lot for my parents, which went over very well.

While we were staying at mum and dad's I photographed this applique cushion which I made a while ago for my mum. Warren thinks it is cheating to show things I 'prepared earlier' , but I am quite proud of this one. The border fabric is some shot chiffon I screen printed with butterfly images (taken from one of those Dover books, alas I am not that inventive) the applique fabrics are silk satin and the background is a dark purple/blue cotton velveteen. This applique is satin stitched rather than raw edged. It takes forever and uses heaps of thread, but does look nice. I like his kooky sequin eyes.

We are back home again now, and poor Thomas had to have his 4 month immunisation shots today. The last lot weren't so bad, but this time he was inconsolable afterwards. I know it is for his own good, but I still feel terribly guilty holding him still for the injections. Ouch. He didn't feed well this evening, so I have a feeling it will not be a peaceful night. Hopefully he will have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Kimono playmat

We are off to Sydney tomorrow to see our friends' new baby, so I rushed through a playmat during some brief times when Thomas was either asleep or content to play by himself which was not very long. He has been very sweet, with lots of smiles, but wanting a lot of attention - I've been singing every playschool song I can think of today - I'm glad no one else is here to hear it.

Anyway this was the first time I have actually tried quilting something and it was harder than I expected. It probably would have been better if I had done the binding properly rather than cheating and just sewing it up like a doona cover with the batting inside.

Here it is

I think I might need to buy a walking foot - this might make things a bit easier. I thought straight lines would be easy, but they show up flaws much more than an elaborate design. Still, I'm glad I started with this project before tackling the quilting on this one.

Overall, I was reasonably happy with the design - it reminds me of a kimono with an obi sash. The back is just the plain grey/blue flowered fabric, so it is reversible (probably a good thing in case they think all that black is a bit strange for a baby).

If I have time tonight, I'm hoping to add her name in embroidery.

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Something fishy

Thomas has been very active today, so we've only had time for a super quick project. Lucy decided to help cutting out the fabric- she's lucky she still has all her whiskers.

The result - a quick jumpsuit for Thomas with fish and waves.

Detail of the applique, just two squares with edges turned under and stitched on (with rather wavy stitching).

Speaking of little fish, we took Thomas to the pool for the first time this weekend. A friend organised a family picnic with cake and watermelon, lots of babies and splashing - it was lovely. Thomas took to the water remarkably well, considering he's only been in a warm bath before. Here is the family photo. I can't believe I'm posting this, but it is such a happy shot. Motherhood is so glamorous.

Friday, February 2, 2007

Getting the angle wrong

This has been a funny week. I am not much of a driver, having never owned my own car (I guess this counts as one weird thing about me). I can do it, but have to concentrate hard when driving our manual 4wd. Parking is the worst. Since having Thomas I have been out and about more often, and had thought I was improving.

This week I met some friends for coffee and managed to negotiate the twists and turns of the car park. I was quite proud of myself until I turned into our garage and ran over the jogger pram. Oops. The car had to sit half sticking out of the garage till Warren came home to unwedge it.

Miraculously, the car seems to be ok. Not so sure about the pram.

On a less embarrassing note, I am planning to make a small quilt or playmat for my friend's new bub. I wondered about including this black fabric, but I am not really one for baby pastels. I am thinking of very simple stripes, something that she can bung in the wash without worrying too much about a delicate design.