Monday, February 12, 2007

Home again

We had a great weekend back in Sydney, celebrating my little brother's 21st and seeing this gorgeous new girl. Look at all that hair!

Here are the two proud dads. Hard to believe that Thomas used to be even smaller than this little one.

Thomas was wonderfully sociable all weekend, coping with loud music and lights at the pub, and smiling a lot for my parents, which went over very well.

While we were staying at mum and dad's I photographed this applique cushion which I made a while ago for my mum. Warren thinks it is cheating to show things I 'prepared earlier' , but I am quite proud of this one. The border fabric is some shot chiffon I screen printed with butterfly images (taken from one of those Dover books, alas I am not that inventive) the applique fabrics are silk satin and the background is a dark purple/blue cotton velveteen. This applique is satin stitched rather than raw edged. It takes forever and uses heaps of thread, but does look nice. I like his kooky sequin eyes.

We are back home again now, and poor Thomas had to have his 4 month immunisation shots today. The last lot weren't so bad, but this time he was inconsolable afterwards. I know it is for his own good, but I still feel terribly guilty holding him still for the injections. Ouch. He didn't feed well this evening, so I have a feeling it will not be a peaceful night. Hopefully he will have forgotten all about it by tomorrow.

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