Friday, March 2, 2007

Baby Steps

Well, it's Friday, and I've sewn together ten blocks, only thirty to go! I think this project is growing beyond a playmat and into a proper quilt (it will be 5 by 8 rows of blocks, each will be about 7 inches when sewn up- I haven't really worked out how big that will make it).

Progress has been very slow, because Thomas has decided that sleep is boring, it is much more fun to be entertained all day. Initially I was getting quite frustrated, but I think it is easier to relax and just enjoy the time with him, and not to get too focused on getting things done.

Today we spent a fair bit of time in the garden, with Thomas rolling around on a blanket under a leafy tree. I noticed this spiderweb catching the light - I love that lacy pattern.

Happy weekend everyone.


kayla_d said...

I love your fabrics even more now that they're sewn into blocks. Now I see that each block is outlined in navy, and that looks great! I know what you mean about it growing into a full size quilt. I keep worrying about my current lap quilt-in-progress ending up too small, and now I think it could probably fit a queen size bed!

susansobon said...

oh my goodness 30 to go. that seems like so much.i really like these colors together, you did a nice job picking them out. i think it might end up around 30x50 almost. if i am doing my loose math correctly.
that spider web is so beautiful, that was a lucky find for you.