Thursday, March 15, 2007

Teething troubles

We haven't seen much of this little smile lately, as it seems that Thomas is teething. He is usually very sunny, but at the moment he is quite grizzly and chewing on everything. Not much to show for the sleepless nights yet, but I think I can see two tiny tooth buds in his bottom gum.

Meanwhile, I have finally finished all the quilt blocks, and am now wondering about how to put them together, and whether to put sashing between the blocks to outline them.

This is how the blocks look when put directly together

This is how it might look with red sashing between the blocks.

I can't quite decide which I like - the sashing makes the square frame block shapes clearer, without it the navy pieces blend together and creates stripes and other patterns.

I'd love to hear any thoughts on this.


Rachel said...

I vote on the red sashing between the blocks. I think it makes each square pop. But either way, it's gorgeous! Love all the rich blues, reds, oranges...

I hope Thomas ["cutie"--I can't say that enough!] returns to his sunny self again. Teeth already? How quickly they grow! My little guy is getting some molars in and is always chewing...his hand, his shirt, his toys...

and yes, I did change my template on my site. Thanks for noticing!

kayla_d said...

I'm with Rachel--the red between the blocks really makes them stand out. Without the red, it's definitely more subdued, but sometimes that's what you want.
I know you're in Australia (and I'm not), but did you buy all of the fabrics there, or did you have to order them? I love all the different navy blues.

Jo said...

I like the red sashing too, it gives it definition but without it will still be a smashing quilt.
Don't they grow quickly, hope he's happier soon!

susan sobon said...

boy i guess i am going against the tide her, i prefer the quilt without the sashing. it is more subdued and i like it that way. without the red it is more about the colors and the way they blend together seamlessly. with the red it is more a bold statement, with each block getting noticed... i think it really is a matter of preference and i would go with my first gt instinct when i look at it. have you put it up on the wall or over something so you can look at it from afar.....that can alter how you feel about it too