Friday, March 30, 2007

Autumn has arrived

It has suddenly turned quite chilly here in Canberra, almost overnight it has gone from blazing summer days to breezy autumn weather, so I'd better get a move on finishing this jumper for Thomas:

So far I've done the back and have moved onto the front. It is such a simple design that it has been quite fun to knit in front of the TV. I've been practising knitting without looking (kind of like touch typing) generally this works but I have dropped a few stitches - that crochet hook has come in handy for picking them up!

We have just got home from a very unsuccessful expedition to a local second hand baby clothes shop. For a few weeks I'd been walking past their sign which suggested that we should do our bit for the environment and recycle our baby clothes. However, when I took in a bundle of things Thomas has outgrown (all freshly washed and ironed), hoping to swap for some bigger clothes, they were almost all rejected - apparently they will only take things which are designer brands or which look brand new. I couldn't help feeling a bit affronted that they didn't think our clothes were good enough. Never mind, we will save them to pass on to friends or perhaps we might one day have another bub - certainly not thinking about that yet though!

We have been out in the garden lately, trying to find some plants which will grow in a tricky spot Warren calls the 'wall of death' , against a shady courtyard wall. Everything we plant there meets a sad end. We have now put in some red flowers (verbena and dianthus), but the new buds have turned white - that is surely a bit strange? Perhaps it's something in the soil.

Finally, a gratuitous photo of my two lovely boys. This was just a spontaneous shot in Thomas' room, but the lighting seems to be very nice and soft, almost like a studio.

Thomas is now letting me know in no uncertain terms that he is awake and wants milk immediately, so it looks like that is it for the time being. Hope you all have a good weekend.


Rachel said...

Thomas' sweater is coming along fine!

You know what I'm doing with clothes my kids outgrow? If the fabric is something I like...I keep it and reuse it for some crafts. Don't have much extra money for new fabric so this will do. Sometimes I look at my daughter's dresses and think...hmmmm when will she outgrow that? =)

Dacia said...

the baby sweater is looking great! I know how you feel about trading in clothes. they are very particular and it's hard not to take it as a judgment on your taste. really, I think, it's a judgment on the taste of the populous, which can be rather awful. :)