Saturday, March 24, 2007

Still waiting for the tooth fairy

Sorry for the lack of posting, it has been a tricky week here. Thomas has been very upset most evenings, and one night he screamed hysterically for twenty minutes when I tried to breastfeed him, and nothing we tried would calm him down. We were getting quite frantic, and were about to drive to the hospital , but then it subsided and he slept straight through till the next morning. It made me realise how lucky we are that he doesn't usually cry much, it is so upsetting being unable to help him. I don't know how parents cope with 'colicky' babies who are like that all the time.

I took him to the doctor the next day but she couldn't find anything wrong with him. On the bright side, he went to sleep without a fuss last night, and has been a happier chap today so perhaps whatever has been troubling him is easing up. Still no teeth to be seen though!

Thanks so much for the feedback on the quilt - it is really great to be able to get all your creative input. I am going to follow the popular consensus and go with the red sashing - I've cut up the pieces and made a start on the sewing. Kayla asked about the fabrics I used in the quilt - actually they mainly came from a local quilt shop in Canberra, in a rather touristy place called Gold Creek Village. They have an amazing range of Japanese quilt fabrics, the only downside is they are around $24 (AUD) per metre.

Although of course I should be concentrating on finishing the quilt, as often happens when I am in the midst of one project, I suddenly want to start another one. With the weather finally turning cooler here I had an urge to learn to crochet (it has been so popular in blogland lately). I thought it would be nice to have something I could do in the evening in front of the tv, when we collapse in a heap after getting Thomas to bed. So I bought a hook and some yarn, and after many unsuccesful attempts to follow drawn diagrams I found this website with videos of the stitches which was very helpful.

I still found it difficult to pick up though, and my ineptitude with the hook made me hanker for knitting needles, even though I haven't knitted for years, but at least I know how to knit and purl! That inspired me to start a little jumper/sweater for Thomas out of the red wool (this is just a tension square in the photo, it is not going to be that small!), but I would like to persevere with the crochet and might make some kind of chevron patterned cushion or bag.

I wish I had the patience to make a big blanket like this one we inherited. Lucy seems to have taken a fancy to it. I think she is pretending to be one of the toys. She is probably hiding, in case that annoying new little human starts screaming again.


Rachel said...

I recall my daughter crying every night for that long for a while...some people told me that babes do at night cause they've been over stimulated [sights, sounds...what nots] and it's just what they do. Information overload, I guess, for us it happened around 7:30pm. Hang in there!

Your chevron crochet looks great! And thanks for that website...I went and it was easy to see and understand. You're absolutely right, learning from a person totally helps.

I wish I could knit a sweater! I wonder if people have an affinity to whatever they learned first. I learned to crochet first. Knitting was hard cause the yarn kept slipping off [there's no hook on that needle!] And there's TWO needles! Ack!

Lucy and Thomas: CUTE x 2!

Kate said...

Gorgeous picture, he is adorable.
I remember the girls crying like that too and we could never work out why, they used to get very hysterical and I think me being stressed makde them worse.
Thanks for the cochet link!

Dacia said...

cutest kitty! looks a lot like mine. :)