Tuesday, May 29, 2007

More knitting, and a walk down memory lane

I have not done much to report in the last couple of weeks, but have learned to knit cables. Hooray! This is a scarf I knitted for my mum's birthday. I'd always imagined cables would be very tricky to do, but in fact there is not much to it, just using an extra little needle to swap some stitches around every few rows, and then the twisted rope just forms itself.

I was knitting it right up until I gave it to mum, I pretty much cast it off the needles and then handed it over, so I didn't take very good photos of it - it is made from a really soft alpaca yarn which was lovely to knit with.

We have been visiting family in Sydney, which is always really nice - I sometimes wish we lived much closer to my parents, they are such willing babysitters, and Thomas just loves them.

While at mum and dad's I found this paper mache zebra I had made as a teenager. Mum had kept it all this time. This was another of my many crafty phases - for a while I really got into this and made all sorts of animals - I loved the fact that you could make pretty much anything you could imagine, using just newspaper masking tape and glue, even though craft wasn't very fashionable at that age. I have a secret hope that Thomas will enjoy doing some crafty things with me when he gets a bit older - we will have to wait and see.


Rachel S. said...

Beautiful scarf and hurray on learning to knit cables. I would love to try that. So the gift was hot off the needles? =)

That's a great looking zebra!! That's really good!

Me too...I hope my kids will enjoy crafting with me later on. We'll see.

Rachel S. said...

I'm tagging you for a meme about your child's name. Are you interested in playing?