Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Winter on the way

After weeks of staying home, we have now had two weekends away in quick succession. Last weekend we went to Perisher Valley for a working bee to get the Nordic ski shelter ready for the upcoming cross country ski season. We stayed at a lovely house in Jindabyne, this is the view from the balcony. Warren is a very keen cross country racer, and I think he will have Thomas skiing as soon as he can walk.

I took some knitting for the long car ride, and managed to finish a hat to match the jumper, from some wool I had left over. Poor Thomas looks very serious in this photo, he's probably wondering what he will be forced to wear next, knitted underwear?

Making the pompon for the top was fun, I hadn't done that in years, but I made the cardboard circles too big, so it turned out to be enormous, practically as big as Thomas' head. I'd used up all the blue wool, so instead of starting again, I had to trim it back to size. Our house is now covered in a layer of blue fuzz.

My mum dropped off some children's books for us a while ago, and I was looking through them today and found this craft book. It has some very seventies fabrics and styles, but some of the dinosaurs look quite cute, I might have to try to make one someday.


kayla_d said...

The place you stayed looks gorgeous! And Thomas does look quite serious:) He's getting big!

Kate said...

Gorgeous jumper and hat! Good job on them. Love that book - definitely on of my favourites.

susan said...

oooh such cute dinosaurs. maybe we could do a vintage softie pattern exchange?????

susan said...

silly me, i forgot to mention thomas's little hat that matches his jumper. you did such a nice job on it. hehe he looks so sweet, and please dont make him knitted undies!!!