Wednesday, June 6, 2007

What's in a name

I got tagged by the lovely Rachel to…

Give the meaning of your kids’ names, and write about what or how or why you gave the name to your kids. Tag five people to play along and leave a comment at their blog to let them know they have been tagged.


Actually this is the first time I've looked up the official meaning of our son's name. Apparently it comes from the Greek for "Twin", which is not particularly apt, as he had the womb all to himself, and is definitely one of a kind. It is also the name of the Apostle "doubting Thomas" who was sceptical about the resurrection. Our Thomas is not especially doubting, except about nap times - he does give us that "you've got to be kidding" look every time we put him in the cot.

For us Thomas has more significance as a family name as it is my father's name (and our bub's middle name 'James' is Warren's dad's name, so we kept everyone happy)

While I was pregnant, the ritual was that I would think up possible names and Warren would look at me as if I was completely mad. The last straw was when I suggested "Jasper" which I thought was cute, but made Warren shudder with horror (apologies to any Jaspers out there, I still think it's a lovely name!)

We still hadn't settled on a name when all of a sudden we were in the hospital having our baby delivered six weeks early.

When Thomas was delivered by caesarian, the doctor held him up and Warren looked over the curtain to announce that it was a boy. Someone asked whether we had a name for him, and Warren apparently thought he had to make the decision then and there, so he chose Thomas. Luckily that was fine with me!

I will tag Kate and Susan, just in case they want to join in...


suzy @ said...

Thomas is a lovely name.

We are currently doing the same thing as you did - I suggest a name and Mark looks aghast. Hopefully we'll find one we agree on before the baby arrives!

Rachel S. said...

Haha...your ritual sounds similar. I thought of names and hubby just said "yes," "no," or "what?"

Hearing birth stories always makes me teary. Warren made a wonderful decision!

susan said...

hehe yes i will play!!
i like the name thomas. will he be a tommy? or are you going to keep calling him thomas?that is nice that you were able to keep everyone happy by using both the names.