Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Finally some progress

I've finally sewn the rows together with the sashing on the quilt, and am very happy with how it looks - thanks to everyone who made suggestions. It took so long because I am not very good at cutting and sewing straight lines - lots of unpicking!

I still have to put on the borders, not to mention actually, like, quilting it, but it still feels good to get this far. I am thinking that I might make it a single bed size quilt for when Thomas eventually moves out of his cot. It should be finished before then anyway.

I think I might have to try something quick and easy for my next sewing project. I love the look of the binding on these clever baby shirts, they are quite similar to this wrap top of his which I just adore and have been thinking of copying. I can just see a shirt with Japanese fabric binding (how predictable am I becoming!)

I have been enjoying knitting lately, because it is something I can take with me anywhere, and I can pick it up easily when I have five minutes, or while watching tv in the evening. It is also less intimidating to tackle baby size knits.

This is the latest, a little cardigan for Thomas. I seem to have a thing for variegated yarn - you never quite know what patterns will form when you start knitting it up, so it keeps things interesting.

And finally, some fallen leaves outside our front door. More variegated colours. While Warren looks forward to the winter snow (not where we live, but in the Snowy Mountains, not too far away) I love this time of year, glorious leaves, cool enough to enjoy walking, and not yet that biting chill in the air.


Kate said...

That quilt is amazing! Wonderful colours, fabrics and it all looks perfectly straight!

canary said...

Very interesting blog!
Please, send me the photos of your pc tables.
We'll publish them all!

suzy @ floatingworldviews.com said...

Your quilt looks fantastic - I love how all the colours have come together. Well done!

susan said...

it seems so funny to think you are entering autumn and we are just now starting to get our warm weather. altho you wouldnt know by today, brr 50's. did you hand piece the quilt? i am so looking forward to seeing the outer strip and binding done. what are you going to use for the binding? i have seen a few quilts lately that used a jumble of all the fabrics sewn together as the binding. but i think yours would look nice with a solid color. maybe you need to make a little quicky doll quilt to boost your enthusiasm!

Rachel S. said...

That quilt is great! It's big too! And so lovely,...it's a treasure!
Thomas-cutie pie!
I hear you about the "take with you" crafts. It's good to have something to work on anywhere/anytime.
Nice photos too and I love how you tied the theme of variegated colors.

Again that quilt is a beauty...I keep looking at it and thinking that was alot of hard work and love going into it!