Saturday, March 8, 2008

Thank you!

Just a quick post to say a big thank you to everyone for your lovely comments on my jewellery experiments. They are really at an early stage, but your feedback has given me the confidence to keep going with it all. I would love to do some more enamelling one day (I put a couple of my pieces in my first blog post here), but at the moment with a toddler, hot kilns and leaded enamels seem like asking for trouble, so for now shrink plastic seems a fun and safe material to try.

But the biggest thank you goes to the wonderfully talented Leah for the beautiful hand knitted washcloth and handmade soap which arrived at my place yesterday. The washcloth is so beautiful and intricate, it would have taken me months to knit. I'm not sure I can bring myself to use it as a washcloth, I think I will just admire it for a bit longer first!
Back soon.


susan said...

ooh lucky you! i want to win one! wow, that was your first attempts at enameling????? they are gorgeous. you need to do this again!

c.rachel said...

that is a beautiful washcloth. Yes, I would have a hard time using it. It's art!

Kate said...

Great enamelling - I hope you find some time to do some more soon.

mames said...

hi gabrielle, just realized i have not read for a bit. hope all is well, i do love the soap and washcloth. are you doing more enamel work, love to see it.