Thursday, January 25, 2007

Why hello there!

Well here goes, I've finally got around to starting my own blog! I've been meaning to do this since before the birth of little Thomas late last year. I had to share this photo of him, he has just started smiling, which is such a joy - he is such a cheeky monkey.

I was looking for some creative inspiration, and stumbled across the blog of Molly Chicken which led me into this gorgeous generous world of women who sew and craft and share wonderful glimpses of their lives. I am in awe of these girls, and the projects they finish so effortlessly. I am finding it hard to get much done at all with a three month old, but am hoping that having a blog might help with motivation for the various works in progress.

I am a bit of a dilettante when it comes to arts and crafts, I have a passion for anything to do with colour and pattern, and have tried almost everything to do with textiles (sewing, batik, dyeing, silk painting, screen printing and a recent foray into patchwork) I also love jewelry and actually bought myself a small kiln to do enameling last year, but then got a bit worried about the lead content of enamels while I was pregnant. These are some of my early efforts:

A little rockpool pendant

A maple leaf brooch

A tulip pendant

I am hoping to do some more enameling one day, but will have to wait till the weather here cools down, it is unthinkable to put a kiln on in Canberra at the moment. Tomorrow I will get my act together to photograph a quilt in progress for Thomas. For now I will try to post this - this is all a steep learning curve!

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pendlerpiken said...

I adore the maple leaf! Congrats om joining the blogging community :)