Sunday, March 2, 2008

Experiments with shrinky dinks

I have been experimenting with shrink plastic for a while, using the plastic which you can ink-jet print on, and also screen printing with gocco screens on the plain plastic and colouring in with prisma colour pencils. The pendant on the bottom left has a polymer clay frame which worked ok, but still looks a bit chunky.

My latest experiment is screenprinting on the underside of clear shrink plastic, so that the design shows through the base. I quite like this effect, like looking through glass. It seems a bit less 'plasticky'. One day I hope I might get myself organised to make some jewellery in quantities I can sell at the markets, but things have been a bit too busy here lately. I'd be very keen to get any honest feedback anyway! The next step is to get working on some screen designs.

We went to the Canberra show with Thomas last weekend, but the only photos I managed to get were of some lovely dahlias in the flower exhibition.

Poor Thomas is recovering from an ear infection which I thought was just grumpiness for a few days. He is still a bit grumpy but getting back to normal now he's on anti-biotics.

And my last exciting news is I discovered that I'd won Leah's bloggiversary competition and will be the very proud and lucky owner of one of her beautiful knitted washcloths. I'm so thrilled - I love this blogging world.


kayla_d said...

As soon as I saw the photo of your pendants, I thought 'she needs and etsy shop!' Yes, you could definitely sell these. I love how bold the patterns are!

Miss Dot said...

Big Cartel is easier to use than Etsy in some ways and is free for up to 10 listings! I think they look great and the edged one is not too chunky at all. Keep up the great work and Thomas is just getting more cute every day :-) give those little cheeks a big smoosh from me.

Suzy said...

I love the pendants. Especially the ones in the bottom right corner (are they for earrings?) - they remind me of Turkish tiles. Gorgeous!

suzy /

susan said...

yes yes! they are very pretty. i think you could sell them easy. glad to hear thomas is feeling better. nothing worse than a wee one with a painful ear. :o(

susan said...

oops i forgot to mention the photo of the dahlia~ wow, that is a gorgeous photo!!

c.Rachel said...

Those look great! Very lovely designs!

Glad to hear Thomas is getting better. He's looking older...and cute as ever.

I love dahlias--very beautiful.

Kate said...

I agree - I thought Etsy shop too! They are fabulous!

Cascade Lily said...

The pendant on its own is stunning - you could definitely sell them :)

The dahlias were amazing weren't they? Rom was a bit pooped by the time we got there though :)

We had that same t-shirt for Romily - so cute on Thomas!