Sunday, February 3, 2008

Favourite things

I was browsing in Flickr when I came across some amazing themed mosaics (here).

I was so delighted that I had to have a try putting together my own simpler collages of favourite Flickr photos using mosaic maker. I think they'll be a great source of inspiration for other creative projects.

1. Vintage Kimono Fabric, 2. vintage kimono fabrics, 3. kimono fabric, 4. Japanese Antique Pattern Fabric, 5. kimono fabric, 6. vintage kimono fabric, 7. TIRIMEN Fabric, 8. fan kimono embroidery, 9. Japanese AIZOME Fabric, 10. Embroidered iris on a silk kimono, 11. kc_blackorange1, 12. kimono5, 13. Old kimono's strings, 14. Kimono pattern 1., 15. New Fabrics Arrived Today!, 16. kimono fabric

1. Frost patterns #3, 2. Frost pattern, 3. Frost on the window of my grandparents house, 4. window frost pattern, 5. Frost patterns on the car, 6. Frost patterns, 7. frost patterns, 8. window frost, 9. frost pattern in blue, 10. Frost patterns on our kitchen window., 11. Frost Patterns, 12. frost pattern, 13. Frost Patterns, 14. January afternoon frost pattern, 15. Frost on the Windshield, 16. frost pattern day

1. Opium poppy, 2. 05.06.2004 #2, 3. Opium poppy, 4. Opium, 5. Opium Poppy, 6. Addicted to Beauty of Opium Poppy, 7. Opium Poppy (Papaver somniferum), 8. Opium Poppy, 9. poppy_2, 10. The Opium Poppy -, 11. 2004 Opium Poppy Square Crop 004, 12. poppy_3, 13. Red-opium-flower-bud, 14. Papaver Somniferum (opium poppy), 15. Opium poppy, 16. Poppy

There are a few more mosaics on my flickr page

Otherwise, we have been having a busy time. Thomas has become very interested in animals, and loves to tell us what sounds animals make. Sheep say Ba, Ducks say ah ah ah, and Cows say Boo! We took him to the Australia day concert in Commonwealth park, and he was mildly amused by the Bananas in Pyjamas, but was very fascinated by some animals they had there for the kids to pat. I guess it is an amazing thing to be seeing for the first time animals you've only read about in books - and to realise that sheep really do say Ba!

This weekend we continued the animal theme and went to the zoo, which was fun but very hot, and I gave up taking photos as most of the animals were too far away. Except for the scary emus of course.

Well that's it from me for now - off to read my favourite blogs while Thomas is napping.


kayla_d said...

Ooh, I love these mosaics! The shapes and colors ARE so inspiring, and now I'm inspired to try the mosaic maker.

Rachel S. said...

I've always admired those mosaics. Is it easy to do?

Gabrielle said...

It is pretty easy - you set up the number of columns and rows, borders etc, then you can search everyone's photos on Flickr for a particular thing eg snowflakes. Find the images that take your fancy and click on them, then copy the url from each image page into the relevant box in mosaic maker. When you've got them all filled, then you press 'Create' and it assembles it. It is a bit of a pain that you can't see what it looks like until it's all finished - then you can go back and edit by swapping links around. Still, the results, and the beautiful photos you find make it quite fun.

Kate said...

Nice mosaics!

Cascade Lily said...

Those mosaics look very cool!

Glad you've been enjoying Canberra...the weather's been so iffy it's good to get a nice sunny afternoon out!

Suzy said...

Those mosaics are gorgeous, I love the sea urchins. And the photo of Thomas with the sheep is so cute!


susan said...

where are you???

Leah said...

Hi there Gabrielle, You're the lucky winner of my blogiversary contest. Please email me your address and I'll pop it in the post (don't get too excited, just a washcloth and soap...)
:) Leah

very1silent said...
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