Thursday, August 9, 2007

Hooray, it's finished!

The cable knit jumper I've been working on forever for Thomas is finally done so he can wear it a few times before he grows out of it!

It actually fits well, but has a fair bit of stretch in the rib pattern, so perhaps I might be able to squeeze the poor boy into again it next winter.

It was from Debbie Bliss Simply Baby, and actually looks like the one in the photo - how amazing! I nearly ran out of yarn (I used Cleckheaton Country naturals), and was dismayed to find that it had been discontinued, but I managed to find some of the same colour online, and even in the same dyelot - a very lucky break.

We had a marvellous time on holidays in Melbourne, despite some cold and rainy weather.

I just love the many laneways and hidden treasures around the city, there seems to be artwork on the walls everywhere.

This mural is in a laneway of Flinders Lane in the CBD

The lovely seat is in Brunswick St, Fitzroy

And this is part of Federation Square, I love the jelly fish and the lights shining through bundles of twigs.

Of course we also did some skiing, this photo is from Lake Mountain, which is a resort just for cross country skiing.

After a lovely few days, we drove back via Cabramurra, where Warren was organising a ski race. There was a snap frost the next morning, which left all the trees outlined in the most delicate white.

And now we are back home and back to work and back to childcare. So far so good....


suzy @ said...

Wow, that jumper looks fantastic! I'm very impressed by the cables.

kayla_d said...

Ooh, that blue sweater looks amazing with the little guy's sweet blue eyes! And I loved all your photos--I always wanted to go Melbourne, but we only made it to Sydney.

rachel s. said...

Awesome work!! That sweater is lovely and the photos are too. Was it intentional to have that star shadow to the right of the sweater in the first pic? It resembles your "Little Starfish" banner. Cool!

The twig and frosty tree photos are my favorite.

And Mr. Cutie Pie Thomas is even more handsome in his gorgeous blue HANDMADE sweater!

Anonymous said...

Baby's little blue sweater is beautiful. Your work is wonderful.
Barbara C.