Monday, August 20, 2007

Birds on the wall

I decided that this little wallhanging had been waiting around to be quilted for too long, and the nursery was looking very bare, so I just bound the edges and hung it up. I don't think Thomas will notice the difference, and I can always come back and quilt it later. It felt good just to take it off the to do list.

Thomas has been very cute, smiling and laughing at the birdies and saying goodnight to them (well gurgling something unintelligible, but you know..)

I think he might have made the connection to the real birdies which are visiting our backyard. This is a terrible photo, but you can see a pair of rainbow coloured birds here, they are Eastern Rosellas - common in Canberra, but strikingly beautiful.

Thomas has now learned to crawl (I blame the other babies at childcare for teaching him) and has gone straight to trying to pull himself up on anything he can get hold of, usually something unstable and dangerous, like the TV stand. Even when he finds something relatively benign, like the couch to clutch onto, he still wobbles perilously, with his legs shaking, and often forgets to hold on, so he pitches sideways and I have to be quick to catch him.

This has added a new dimension to my days at home with him, no more putting him down to play happily with some toys, now I'm always hovering around anxiously, retrieving him from forbidden areas or waiting for him to topple over. We went to check out childproof fences and gates, but they are pretty ugly and hideously expensive. I think it would be cheaper to buy some new furniture.

I can see why Margie on BigLove just leaves her babies in the playpen all day. I got quite hooked on that polygamous soapie (as Warren calls it), and am a bit forlorn now its finished.

I think I'm ready for some more knitting, so I've snapped up a pattern for this gorgeous cardigan from six and a half stitches. I love the idea of combining fabric with knitting. How cute is that cheekybeaks fabric used on this cardie?! I'm wondering if I could make the fabric panels detachable, so that they could be swapped around to give a new look and for the inevitable mess that Thomas would spill down the front. I think I'll start on the 2yr size, ready for next winter.


Kate said...

Great wallhanging and congratulations on the crawling (I think it's easier when they can walk).
I'm planning some of those sixandahalfstitches cardis too - they are fabulous!

mames said...

hi gabrielle, i have to add you to my bloglines so i can see the latest on your growing boy. it is amazing how quickly it seems other people's babies grow. i too bought the 6.5 pattern, to be knit at 2T so as to ensure wearage. love the melbourne photos. hope all is well, looking forward to seeing your cardi. smiles. amiee

joanne said...

thanks for visiting my blog. I love your wallhanging its great.I too am a big love fan and feeling a bit mis now its over for the season.I had a playpen for my first daughter - it was the best - packed all her toys in there and it was like her little mini playcentre!

Dee Light said...

The wall hanging is wonderful!!! And what a little cutie you have!!!

Leah said...

Well done on finishing your quilt! Lovely birds (real and fabric) - we're havign the best fun checking out our bird visitors - current favourites - King Parrots :)

ingrid said...

I love the birdies on the wall, they are just beautiful!

Lily said...

Howdy fellow Canberran :)

Lovely, lovely wall hanging. The birds are fabulous!

And Thomas is just lovely too. So is that jumper you knitted him. Wow!