Tuesday, July 3, 2007

The Ski Season is upon us

I have become a very bad blogger over the last few weeks - I'm blaming it on the ski season, which has well and truly arrived.

We took Thomas to the snow again last weekend, and this time there was plenty of it. Sadly Warren used up the camera batteries on racing photos, so we didn't get any of the very cute Thomas in the backpack laughing as Warren gently skied down a little slope with him. This is the only photo we managed to take - inside the nordic shelter at Perisher.

I had a lovely lunch last week with a friend and her gorgeous little daughter - we went out to the nearby country town of Murrumbateman, on a beautiful crisp sunny winter day. This is a photo just outside the restaurant. Thomas really enjoyed having a little friend sharing the back seat and entertaining him, and both kids behaved amazingly well.

The cable knit jumper is progressing slowly - I've finally finished the back. I'm already starting to worry about whether I will have enough yarn to finish it. Our local shop has run out, so I might have to order some more.

Thomas has his first morning of childcare tomorrow. I think he will love it - fingers crossed.

Now to go and catch up on all the blogs I've missed reading over the last weeks.


rachel s. said...

How did Thomas do at daycare? I hope it all went well!

He is ever so adorable with his ski outfit on!

The sweater is looking great too. I hope the yarn supply comes through! =)

joanne said...

first day at childcare is always a hard one.and a fabulous one. Hope it all went well.