Monday, July 9, 2007

A busy week

The first days of childcare went pretty well. My initial anxiety was instantly soothed on meeting his main carer, a lovely woman who has worked at this centre for thirty years, and has such a kind and reassuring manner. Thomas loved playing with all the new toys, especially some mobiles strung on elastic from the roof which had colourful shapes and bells attached. Funny how it is often the simplest things that kids enjoy most. I stayed with him the whole time during this orientation period, but next week I will try leaving him there for an hour or two.

Yesterday we went to a first birthday party for one of his little friends. Lovely food and wine for the adults, and amazing toys for the many babies - what more could you ask for! Here is Thomas sitting in the inflatable ball playland thing -at the back. He is now sitting up by himself and almost crawling.

I made a pop up card for the birthday boy. Thomas chewed up my first effort, but this second one worked ok.

The pop up part is very simple but kind of fun with the beak opening and shutting 'talking' as you open the card - I can't remember where I learnt this - I think it was a craft book I had as a child. I've drawn a couple of pictures to explain it at the end of this post, just in case you want to try it.

And, as you can see, after months of us thinking he must be teething, Thomas has finally got his first tooth. I hope the next ones don't take so long!


Very simple instructions for the pop up bird card

You make the beak on one layer of paper, then stick it to another backing card and decorate - you can add a layer of a different colour behind the beak for the inside mouth colour. Have fun!


joanne said...

first tooth - how exciting!!!! I cant believe there is a childcare worker out there that has worked in the same place for thirty years! What a saint!!

Kate said...

I am so glad childcare is working out! I have tagged you if you are interested.

Leah said...

What a lovely little boy, and nice tooth! That's a great idea for making a card - we're kind of stuck on making peacocks (with a fan for the tail)

kayla_d said...

Cute card--thanks for the little tutorial.

And what a very cute boy!

rachel s. said...

Great card! When I read that you made it, I said "Oh there better be a tutorial!" and you read my mind! =) I'm gonna try that out soon!

A tooth! WOW! How quickly they grow up--and sitting up on his own too? Give him a laptop and he'll have his own blog soon!

So happy to hear the first day went well for Thomas! Yippee!