Saturday, June 28, 2008

First school photos

Well, not school really, but these are Thomas' first official photos from childcare.

I think we'll have to order copies for the Grandparents.

And here is a slightly less formal photo taken this morning in his jammies, when he decided that he wanted to walk in Daddy's shoes.

Nothing else to show I'm afraid, it has been very busy at work, and Thomas has been teething (finally getting some molars) so we haven't been getting much sleep. So hard to get up in the middle of the night when it is freezing - I guess I'd better get used to it again! Still, I'm glad its the weekend, and nice and sunny, and I've sent my last book chapter off to the reviewers for work, so I can relax for a little while.

We had our 20 week scan, and all is very well with sprog no 2. I found out the sex of the bub, but am sworn to absolute secrecy because Warren doesn't want to know yet. I have a feeling this will be a very hard secret to keep, I'm already bursting to tell him, but will have to restrain myself. I'm now feeling lots of kicking and moving around, which is a very lovely part of pregnancy, and makes it feel much more real.

I'm getting very interested in quilting again but will have to finish off the long standing work in progress (oh dear that was over a year ago!) before I can justify buying any more fabric. Perhaps we could just have a little browse at the fabric shop this weekend though!


mames said...

can i just say...molars...argggggggggg! please, give me the molars now. you can see it as practise. i can only lament lost sllep. so hard, but it will pass.

small request. email me. pink v. blue. please. want to do something. and need address. sprog. love you aussies. how do you come up with these words. it makes me want to move cross world. to be there again.

i have decided to tell the boys h is hachhh and z is zed so we can be as cool as you.

Cascade Lily said...

I could never manage to keep that kind of secret! Good luck! Lovely photos of Thomas - methinks he likes CC :)

Kate said...

I am glad everything is going well - I would never manage to keep that secret - I had told everyone I knew within a day. Good luck!