Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Rainbow baby doll 1

Thank you so much for all your very lovely comments on the pregnancy - we are very thrilled, although sometimes I think we must be mad to do it all again!

Here is my first attempt at a rainbow baby doll. Quite addictive to knit something that is so quick to make up - a couple of evenings (for me as a very slow knitter) rather than the usual weeks for a garment. I can definitely feel another one coming on! They would be good for a baby toy, as no small parts to come off and get swallowed - even the pompom is knitted as part of the hat, and the pattern is super easy.

Thomas quite likes it too, not that you could tell from this photo!

I also found out that I am the very, very lucky winner of Lily's blog giveaway, the most beautiful oven mitts made from Denyse Schmidt fabric. I just love them, I can't tell you how thrilled I am!

I must be on a winning streak lately, as I also won Leah's gorgeous knitted washcloth and soap a few weeks ago. Usually I never win anything (really!) so perhaps its time to get a lottery ticket! I must definitely do a giveaway myself soon too, to reciprocate all this kindness, so stay tuned.

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Rae said...

That little doll is soo adorable (as is the little guy holding it)...congratulations on your pregnancy too!!! That's very exciting. I hope you are feeling better!