Sunday, May 18, 2008

Birthday treats

Last week was my 35th birthday - scary stuff! Still I had a lovely day and was thoroughly spoiled by Warren, with gorgeous flowers, dinner and some books from my wish list. The paper cutouts is particularly inspiring, full of wonderful bold folk inspired designs in a single colour which of course are great as papercuts (must get myself a scalpel!) but could also work as screenprints or perhaps jewellery designs. The itty bitty nursery book is also gorgeous, with lots of very cute things to knit.

The Russian textiles book is a gift from my mum, mouthwatering textile designs which are quite unique and combine a kind of folk feel with eastern decoration. So much inspiration in these three books, I am just waiting for some more quiet time to curl up with them.

This beautiful elephant cushion was a gift from a friend, Thomas loves it too.

And finally, arriving amazingly enough on my birthday, beautifully wrapped and with a gorgeous card, were these stunning oven mitts from Lily. They are even more beautiful up close, meticulously sewn, with another lovely matching fabric for the lining. I proudly used them for the roast when Warren's dad came over for lunch yesterday, and they are a lovely addition to our kitchen. Thanks sooo much Lily!

Here is rainbow baby doll no 2. I think I now have these out of my system, but I am working on a little elephant. I do like having knitting to pick up when I collapse in front of the tv at the end of the day.

It has been a busy and sociable week for us, hosting mother's group (here is Thomas looking enchanted by a recent arrival), having friends to stay for a few days, and Warren's dad and his partner visiting. We also have a family wedding next weekend and we are off to the Gold Coast for a few days to thaw out from Canberra's chilly weather. I am so looking forward to a change of scene, I can't wait.

I also have my first meeting with my midwife tomorrow - this time round I'm going through the birth centre rather than the hospital so I think I see one midwife for the rest of the pregnancy and labour (although I still have to deliver in the hospital because I had a caesar last time). I'm hoping this time round that we might have a more natural birth, and that the baby will stay put until the due date, but we will have to wait and see.


Cascade Lily said...

So glad the oven mitts arrived - and on your birthday! And that they've been put to good use already :)

Thomas looks like he's already the proud big brother too :)

I hope you get your labour wish this time around. I am hoping mine doesn't overstay its welcome, like Romily did!!

mames said...

ooooh, so many beautiful things to comment on. and happy birthday. sounds like it was a joy. i love the picture of thomas with the baby, it looks like he is in practice already. owen has a new fascination with babies and i love seeing him around them though he is still a little rough with the hands. sending lots of good pregnancy vibes for you and the new little one.

Kate said...

Happy Birthday! I hope your labour works out the way you want.

Miss Dot said...

Belated Happy Birthday to you! glad you had a great day. Is it possible that Thomas is getting more cute everyday?

c.Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! You've got such great gifts. That paper cutout book is intriguing.

Thomas looks very handsome in his sweater. =) He looks so big next to the baby.

susan said...

who is the paper cutouts book by? it really looks yummy. sweet little dolls.
gee lots of mail love for you, awesome gifties

susan said...

oops happy birthday, i knew there was something i forgot