Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Long weekend

It has been a busy long weekend - and a sociable one for us - we had friends over for drinks, and the next day we learnt to play poker, and all wore silly hats. Thomas sat on my lap and checked out my cards. I don't think he has a very good poker face - that must be why I kept losing. I'm glad I convinced everyone to indulge me in a game of Pictionary, I'm much better at that (if I do say so myself).

On Sunday night we went out for dinner for Warren's birthday, just the two of us, alone and unaccompanied by our little one, for the first time since his birth - two other dear friends volunteered to babysit . It went really well, and Thomas didn't even stir while we were gone.

Then we went to Floriade yesterday afternoon - its a Canberra flower show thing. I thought Thomas might appreciate the flowers.

I think he appreciated this one a little too hard.

But look at that innocent face - no it couldn't have been him.

Not the most flattering photo, but a happy one nevertheless.

The flowers were very beautiful, especially backlit by the sun.

Today I did a five minute sewing project, to cover the awful cushion of our cane garden chair. We found the chair on the street years ago, and it is quite nice to sit on outside, but it is now looking very disreputable.

I had been meaning to make a proper cushion cover, but settled for just a drawstring circle. This is the underside. It literally took less than five minutes to cut a dodgy circle and turn under and stitch a casing for the cord. Elastic would have been better if we'd had any - I'd use that next time.

And the finished cushion. Lucy gave it her stamp of approval.


PS Thanks so much for the lovely comments on the wedding photos, I still love looking at them. (To answer Rachel's daughter's question, I didn't wear sensible shoes - and my feet did get a little cold in the snow. Boots would have been a better idea, but white boots might have been a bit too ABBA for me!)


Leah said...

Good job on the cushion :) And your day out looks lovely. We thought of going to Floriade on Sunday, but the carpark was full, and it was blowing a gale...

mames said...

love the flowers and flower baby in them..and the photo of the two of you together just shows the happiness of mama and son. i love the comments you leave me and it sounds like music, not broken records, to my ears. thanks for taking the time to write. smiles

Kate said...

Gorgeous pictures of Thomas in the flowers. Great cushion - so glad you ahd a night out bu yourselves!

Lily said...

Snap! I just loaded some Floriade pix on my blog too. Thomas is gorgeous - great photo of the two of you :)

You did a FAB job on that cushion cover too!

Little Munchkins said...

That droppy flower does look a bit out of place compared to the rest, but I agree it couldn't have been Thomas.

Great idea on covering the cushion. Looks great!