Sunday, September 16, 2007

Happy Anniversary

Its been three years since Warren and I got married. It was such a perfect blissful day, one of the happiest in my life so far.

Our family and best friends came all the way to Thredbo in the Snowy Mountains for the wedding, and even though it was spring, it began to snow just before the ceremony, which turned the landscape into a winter wonderland. Of course Warren got out his cross country skis for this photo - I just love it.

We decided to do a lot of things ourselves, so I had fun learning how to make bouquets and centrepieces, and we got up early to buy our native flowers at the markets the day before (I think I 'd love to be a florist, if it wasn't for the early morning starts!)

Warren planned out all the music, and we made the decorations together, and I iced a mini wedding cake for each guest. We were rushing to get it all done the day before, but it all came together at the last moment, and I think the handmade touches added to the special feel of the day.

Our lovely friends also helped out in so many ways - I think I had the best bridesmaids in the world, and John took the most beautiful photos for us. We walked down the aisle as Cathy and Lamorna played clarinet and flute, and Anne came all the way from London to be Warren's best 'mate'.

Although it was such a cold day, I felt completely warm, I think with love and excitement, and the warmth and generosity of all our friends and relatives who shared the day with us.

It feels like just yesterday, but also like a lifetime ago, as we have moved to Canberra, made more friends, taken on new jobs, and have become a family with the birth of Thomas. Life with a baby has taken on a whole new dimension, lots of ups and downs, but mostly ups, and I have seen a new side of Warren as he has become a wonderful caring father to our little boy.

Looking forward to many happy anniversaries to come.


kayla_d said...

Those are the most gorgeous wedding photos ever--like nothing I've ever seen, being a florida girl! And I can't believe you did the cakes yourself, it looks perfect! Congratulations on 3 years.

Miss Dot said...

oh you were so lucky with the snow! it gives a beautiful effect to that photo. Congrats! I haven't seen snow since I was 4, we don't get any in Perth as you know. Well done on 3 years and here is to 30+ plus more :-) beautiful flowers and cake BTW good on you for going this way and not the $50K disaster

Lily said...

I don't know whether I'm more impressed that you iced little cakes for every guest or that you have the most stunning blue cloak I've ever seen!!! Well done on such a beautiful day and congratulations!

mames said...

what a wonderful celebration...i cannot believe the snow, it looks magical. when we were in oz we went to thredbo and 'hiked' up kozzie, it was a windy wild day with a huge storm as we went down, hail the size of golf balls. it was one of my favorite places, how lucky that you hold it in your heart and memories as you do. and you look phenomenal in that dress and cloak, like a princess. i love how miss dot said 'good on you' sometimes i wish we were back in australia.

Leah said...

What a beautiful day! Just looking at your lovely photos makes me feel all warm and fuzzy :)

Rachel said...

My daughter saw these pictures and she's totally enamored with them. She says that this is how she'll have her wedding...right down to the ski pole arch [don't know the technical term] as you and Warren walked through.

And she wants to know if you were wearing heels in the snow. =)

Beautiful day--thanks for sharing the memories!!

Oh, and I LOVE the cloak! Do you still have it?

Kate said...

These photos are amazing, what a gorgeous wedding!

suzy @ said...

Those wedding photos are gorgeous - it looks like such a happy day. And I love all the handmade touches.