Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot Summer days

I have been having fun dabbling with making glass tile pendants. My lovely husband bought me the materials for Christmas (with a bit of prompting), and these are my first attempts. Super easy and effective, especially with beautiful washi paper. There is a great tutorial here and lots of suppliers of glass tiles, aanraku bails and diamond glaze on Etsy.

Lucky that these are so quick to make, as the boys are pretty demanding at the moment. It has been incredibly hot here, which is wearing all of us out, but there have been lots of lovely moments, and we have been enjoying simple outings like going to the pool or the park. I love this picture of Thomas in the park on Australia day.

Owen has now started smiling and cooing which is such a joy - it is quite beautiful to see his happy little personality emerging, and our relationship with him changing to a two-way interaction. He certainly loves feeding and is right on the edge of the chart for all his measurements, those cheeks just keep getting bigger!

Thomas is currently obsessed with Thomas the tank engine - here are both boys mesmerised by our sole dvd which is getting a workout lately. Thomas got two small wooden trains for Christmas, which came with a catalogue of all the others - very clever marketing. Thomas is constantly poring over it and has memorised the names and details of all the trains. He even wakes up talking about them and listing the ones he has yet to collect. I always thought I would try to resist this type of wanton consumerism with my kids, but it is quite insidious, and I confess I have been spending many of those precious quiet moments scouring ebay for second-hand trains, when I'm not setting up the tracks again, ready to be destroyed in the next play session!

I keep thinking how much Owen reminds me of Thomas at the same age, and I was looking through the old photos - this is Owen on the left and Thomas on the right, sharing the same suit. Pretty similar huh!
I'm off to bed now to get a couple of hours sleep before the next feed. I've really been missing reading all my favourite blogs - sorry I've been missing in action. Fingers crossed we might get some nap time tomorrow.


kayla_d said...

Wow! Those 2 photos really look like the same baby--same chubby cheeks!

I love the pendants. What a great way to use (and wear) the paper!

Cascade Lily said...

You can tell they're brothers all right!

I nearly clicked on your glass link, but I do NOT need another hobby! LOL

They look beautiful :)

mames said...

the pendants are great. now go get some sleep!

c.Rachel said...

Thomas and Owen = Double the cuteness! Those pendants are wonderful too.

Your sons are like identical twins! =) It will be fun to see how Owen matures. That is a beautiful picture of Thomas. Is it me or is his hair more dark red?

Suzy said...

Glad to hear you are keeping well and surviving the heat. Those baby photos are SO similar! It's really cute to have them both in the same suit.
And I love your glass pendants, they are beautiful.