Monday, December 1, 2008

Another wonderful surprise in the mail

Look what arrived in the mail for us today - such a beautiful little outfit for Owen from the talented Lily. A gorgeous set of handmade pants and appliqued onesie with the cutest robots on lovely linen fabric. Here is our chunky little lad modeling it.

A perfect fit (and some room for his stubby little legs to grow!) Thanks so much Lily, it made our day!

Thomas and I made baby cupcakes this afternoon, and a lot disappeared into his mouth in the process of icing them. It was good to spend some one on one time with him while Owen slept. Thomas is still being very good about the total upheaval of his little world, although sometimes he can be too enthusiastic in his appreciation of Owen, so we have to keep a close eye on their interaction.
I am still in that hazy baby-bubble time of constant breastfeeding and sleep deprivation, with Owen insatiably hungry and waking for a feed at least every two hours through the night. He often takes an hour to feed, then naps for an hour or less (often sleeping on me on the couch because I don't have the energy to persevere with settling him back in the cot) before it starts all over again. We have resorted to topping him up with the occasional bottle of formula to try and lengthen the sleeps, and so that Warren can share the load. I feel guilty about it, because I know exclusive breast feeding is best, and it is not like he is fading away (just check out those cheeks!), but it does seem to help him sleep, which is all that matters at 4am when things can feel pretty desperate and lonely. I know we went through all this with Thomas, and am looking forward to it settling down into some kind of reasonable routine soon. Fingers crossed!


mames said...

he does have quite the cutest chubby cheeks i have seen. what loves they both are. glad to hear from you and know you are doing it, mama! don;t sweat the bottle, daddy gets some time with o and you get a bit of the boob break. you are doing wonderful!

Cascade Lily said...

Oh he does look cute - can't believe the onesie fits him already. Feel free to chop off the legs and re-hem!

He does have big chump chops! LOL

Sounds like you are all doing really well. We're off to bake as well. It's a nice, easy thing to do while our babies are asleep!