Sunday, October 26, 2008

Only two days to go!

We have been scheduled for an induction this Wednesday morning, at 38 weeks. It has all happened pretty suddenly, but the obstetrician is worried about the increasing risk of another abruption. So Wednesday it is! I think there is quite a strong chance it may end up as a caesarian again, as they can only induce if my body is getting ready, and they may have difficulty monitoring the bub's heartbeat, which is still irregular, but we'll just have to see how it goes. I am excited and anxious (well terrified actually!) not knowing what to expect, but so looking forward to meeting our next little one. It would be wonderful if labor started naturally in the next day or so, but all the wise mums I meet keep telling me that I look like I'm still 'carrying very high' so I think it is unlikely.

I am worried about how Thomas will cope with me being away in hospital - I've never had a night apart from him since he came home, and he is quite clingy at the moment, but Warren and my dad will be here to spoil him, and will bring him in every day. Sadly my mum will still be overseas, but will be back about a week after the bub arrives. We have been trying to prepare Thomas for the arrival of his little sibling, but it is hard to know how much he is taking in. He has been talking a lot about the baby, and showing interest in all the nesting I've been doing, getting those tiny baby clothes washed and ready.

We have had a nice weekend giving him lots of attention, and went to the airport open day today, where he got to sit in a small plane, and walk around big planes, and watch an aerial display by an F11 hornet. He was very good about putting in earplugs because it was so noisy, and has been talking about the air show all afternoon.
I like this photo - Warren looks like he has a pregnancy belly in sympathy. Of course he is really as fit and lean as ever, while I am eating enough chocolate for all of us!
Fingers crossed my next post will be all about the happy arrival.


mames said...

i cannot wait for the new little to make her/his scheduled appearance. i will keep you close in my thoughts for the next few days and send wonderful new baby vibes clear across the pacific. hugs to the whole family.

Leah said...

Best wishes for the next few days as you meet your little one :)

Suzy said...

Oh, how exciting! I hope it all goes well. I'll be thinking of you and sending good wishes on Wednesday.

Cascade Lily said...

OMG two days! Good luck with the labour/birth. I hope it all goes really well.

One tip someone gave me. The first time you see Thomas after the baby's arrival, make sure the baby is not in your arms so that you can give Thomas the biggest hug ever and then take him to the baby to introduce him. Okay, a bit hard if you have a caesar, but you can understand the thinking behind it.

The best of luck Gabrielle and we can't wait to hear your news.

kayla_d said...

Oh, good luck Gabrielle. I will keep you and the little one in my thoughts. Can't wait to see photos!

Kate said...

I have been thinking of you and can't wait to hear your news.