Monday, September 22, 2008

Lots of thinking, not much else!

Another unintended blogging break. Sorry I have been out of touch - the pregnancy is going pretty well (33 weeks now I think), baby is exceptionally active, but I have been getting bad back pain every evening which has slowed me down, I think because I have become so enormous in every dimension - no cute designer bump here!

My only creative activity lately has been slowly working on my knitted asymetric vest, which is coming along, but still has 3 balls left to go. I've still got a few more weeks at work, and have been a bit frantic trying to tie up many many loose ends there.

The impending arrival has brought on lots of thinking about the future, and what I will do when my maternity leave finishes. My contract at the uni comes to an end pretty much at the same time. I am really, really longing to do something more creative as a career rather than just in my spare time (which there won't be much of at all, once bub 2 arrives). I've always wanted to go back to art school and study art or graphic design. I wish I'd paid more attention to my misgivings which surfaced fairly early in law school, but instead I went on to finish an honours degree, and just kept going after that.

Financially, and with two little ones, it won't be an option to study full time, so I've been researching part time and correspondence courses. Unfortunately the options are pretty limited in Canberra. Now I'm tossing up between a graphic design degree program by distance education through Charles Sturt Uni which would take 6 years part time (help - I'll be 40!) or a commercial correspondence course in desktop publishing (using InDesign) which is only 6 months but is not accredited. Hard decisions to make - perhaps it is crazy to be thinking of taking on something like this right now, but having another baby has made me feel like if I don't do something soon, it might never happen.

Meanwhile, Thomas is becoming more of a little person every day, and constantly delights me - learning new words and concepts all the time. He talks a lot about himself in the third person now, which is quite funny. His favourite phrase is 'Tommy do it' (often followed by 'oh, bit hard, mummy do it?') and he tells himself to 'try again' or says 'good boy Thomas!' We have been telling him about the baby in my tummy, and the other day he was asking about it and said 'baby - mummy pouch - kangaroo?' It must be very confusing for him!

Here he is at a little friend's birthday party, sporting a birthday cake moustache and his new very short first haircut. I think it will look better in a few weeks! His 2nd birthday is coming up in early October, and he is very interested in cakes and candles - I think he will love it this time around.

And here he is with the most beautiful hand knitted jumper and hat which arrived in the post from my mum.

That's all from me, off to lie down again and think some more - hope everyone is well in blogland.


Suzy said...

Glad to hear you're doing well.
Thomas's kangeroo comment is too cute!

Her said...

welcome back! Thomas is even cuter, if that is possible. You know, with the studying thing, maybe the best way to choose the course is to work backwards. Find the kind of work you would like to do and then see what kind of quals they ask for?
Just make sure that what ever you choose will get you what you want? There is a brilliant course at the Tafe 10 minutes walk from my house, and I would love to do it but I can't due to the vertigo, if I find a good one online I will let you know.

Kate said...

Love the yarn - great colours. I'd say do exactly what you want even if it takes 6 years - you don't want to be thinking you should have done it in 10 years time. (Easy for me to say from a distance!) Good luck with the decision!