Monday, August 4, 2008

Not happy mummy

Poor Thomas is having a rough time with a bad cold, a fever that comes and goes and all his molars coming through at once. We went with Warren to the snow again on the weekend, just for a change of scene, and stayed with some wonderful friends, but Thomas wasn't well enough to venture out, so we just cuddled up on the couch most of the day watching his dvds. I can now recite all the adventures of Maisy and Bananas in pyjamas by heart (a very useful skill, I'm sure you'd agree).

He has been rejecting his bottle because it seems to hurt his mouth and it has been an anxious struggle getting fluids into him, but the doctor is not too worried, and I hope he might finally be on the mend.

The snow has been great after a slow start, and Warren has been making the most of it, doing lots of cross country racing.

We drove back through a snow shower, and stopped so I could take this photo looking back.

This was a pine tree I spotted while we were filling up with petrol on the way home, I love all the twisty intertwined branches, it reminded me of a Japanese stencil design.

Craft wise I am still plotting quilts, but waiting on an elusive delivery of back-ordered fabric (the downside of my online shopping addiction) before I can really get started. In the meantime I've finally taught myself to crochet in the round, and have been experimenting with flowers and granny squares using leftover yarns. I'm excited to have mastered the technique, but my early attempts at colour combinations have been surprisingly and disappointingly hideous, so I won't inflict them on you yet.

Spending long days at home with Thomas I have been doing lots of thinking about getting my craft space more organised, and generally freshening up our living area, which has been the same dark colours for years and is starting to get me down. I have lots of ideas but not a lot of energy and no money to splash around, but I think it would lift my mood just to start in a small way, perhaps just clearing up the endless clutter here.

Hope you are all having a better week.


mames said...

so sorry to hear of thomas' woes. those molars are brutal on our babies. it has been a rough road with these two and we are not quite thru yet.

i was just thinking of you yesterday and hoping you are well. funny how even in the odd world of the blog we can seem to be connected. hang in there and i think you are right, sometimes even without the money and energy to do major things, just a little rearranging can be powerfully calming.

would you mind sending me your address via email? just in case i need it, you know. :)

Leah said...

Oh dear - I hope Thomas improves rapidly. Teething really is an endurance test for everyone in the family. I love your snowy pictures - I love looking at snow (but don't like being so cold, and wet)
I know what you mean on the clutter - it's just neverending... despite what the flylady says, it really does take more than 15 minutes!

Miss Dot said...

oh those pics are gorgeous! can I use them in my work? I love the Japaneseness too! do you have anymore of the snow?

Suzy said...

Oh, it's tough when the little ones are sick and sooky. I hope he's better soon.
I love your picture of the pine tree, very dramatic!

Suzy x

Cascade Lily said...

Mwore. Poor Thomas. And poor mummy too! Your snow pictures are lovely.