Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Cloth book for Thomas

Sorry for the blogging break, but I have been busy, and for once actually have something crafty for show and tell. I made Thomas a cloth book with photos of us, and flaps that he can lift to see who is underneath. Thanks to Suzy for reminding me about SouleMama's cloth book for Adelaide it was very inspiring. I got some fabric sheets that you run through the inkjet printer, and the photos came out pretty well. The fabric is quite stiff, so good for this kind of thing. My book has heaps of handmade charm, aka wonky stitching and mistakes, but Thomas seems not to mind.

The text is very simple - just about who loves Thomas:



Grandma and Grandpa,


And our cat Lucy
(actually it is not quite true that the cat loves Thomas, but he sure loves her - I'm sure one day the feeling will be reciprocated!)

I've also been busy doing a Blurb book - my copies just arrived in the mail, and I'm pretty darned happy with them. Can't show them here yet though because they are for Christmas presents.

We have just had an election here in Australia, and a change of government after almost 12 long years. We lefties here were pretty thrilled with the Labor victory. We had a few friends over and drank a lot and ate lots of veggie pizzas. A very good night indeed!

PS - thanks so much for all the concern and good wishes about the breast lump scare - I'm very glad that it is all ok.


Leah said...

Great book :)

Miss Dot said...

Oh I love the book, brilliant, so well done. Yay! go Kevin, it is such a relief to have someone on my side, I live in a safe liberal street and all the people at the dog park just go on and on about the Libs and it drives me mad!!!! I even had to chase the labour leaflet guy to his car boot to get a how to vote card! I was probably the only one to vote labour in my seat! insane, so happy.

kayla_d said...

I LOVE the book! And what a great idea to make it interactive--I bet Thomas enjoys reading it. And of course, the fabrics are beautiful.

And congratulations on the election. Maybe the US will follow Australia's lead and make a change next year:)

Cascade Lily said...

Gabrielle, that is one of the best ideas I've seen in a long time. Not just the idea, but I love the colours, the fabrics and the photos. Excellent work!

I am soooooo tempted to do a blurb book. Just got to find some time :)

Kate said...

That book is fantastic! Such a great idea dn it looks so wonderfully made.

suzy @ floatingworldviews.com said...

Thomas's book is fabulous, I love the lift-up bits.
Our poor kitten is not so sure about Ali either, although recently she's started trying to lick his head, which I'm hoping is a sign of grudging acceptance...

Jenn Maruska said...

What a wonderful book! It's such a treasure.

I have a cat named Lucy, too. : )

susan said...

what a wonderful book!!
what a great idea

Consuela said...

Interesting to know.